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LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders
LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders

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The quality of SIAD calibration mixtures always at hand

The quality of SIAD calibration mixtures always at hand

Easy to handle and manage: these are the features of LIGHTCYL, the disposable cylinders developed by SIAD for users of certified mixtures and pure gases.

When there is need for small amounts of gas, along with a guarantee of the purity or the precise certification of a mixture, LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders are the right solution.
In fact, LIGHTCYL cylinders meet all needs for the availability of pure gases or gas mixtures, without having the regulatory and safety restrictions and handling problems linked to conventional high pressure cylinders.
All guaranteed by SIAD’s over fifty years of experience in the production of specialty gases.

LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders:

  • are exceptionally light and therefore easy to handle;

  • avoid wasting gas (dosed quantities);

  • do not have problems of handling and use;

  • are not subject to restrictions regarding transport;

  • do not involve additional charges;

  • are not bulky;

  • can also be stored in work areas;

  • are easy to dispose of (following the normal procedure for recyclable municipal waste).

Main applications

The LIGHTCYL line can be used wherever the requirement for ease of handling and simplicity in use is essential. Particularly for use by the safety sector, for environmental monitoring and in laboratories is well suited for:

  • Inspection of individual safety devices and monitoring workplace environments: explosimeters, toxic gas detectors, oximeters etc.;

  • Calibration of gas analysers used for monitoring atmospheres in confined spaces;

  • Calibration of VOC analysers;

  • Calibration of analysers of gas stream emissions;

  • Fluorescence lamps;

  • Zero gases;

  • Span tests;

  • Research and development.

To ensure that the guaranteed high quality typical of SIAD Specialty Gases is maintained, all the mixtures supplied in the LIGHTCYL disposable product line are produced in high-pressure gas cylinders. The correct procedure for decanting them and the analysis undertaken on the original “mother” products and the batch samples provide an absolute guarantee as to their final composition.

For more information, see the dedicated brochure in the catalogs section.

The table shows pure gases available in disposable cylinders, purity's degree and format.


Argon Ar 6.0 Small, Large


C4H10 3.5 Small
Carbon dioxide CO2 5.5 Small, Large
Carbon monoxide CO 5.0 Small
Deuterium 2H 2.8 Small
Ethane C2H6 2.3 Small
Ethylene C2H4 3.5 Small
Helium He 6.0 Small, Large
Hydrogen H2 6.0 Small
Isobutane C4H10 3.5 Small
Isobutene C4H8 2.0 Small
Krypton Kr 5.0 Small, Large
Methane CH4 5.5 Small
Neon Ne 4.7 Small, Large
Nitrogen N2 6.0 Small, Large
Nitrous oxide N2O 2.5 Small, Large
Oxygen O2 6.0 Small, Large
18-Oxygen 18O 1.7 Small, Large
Propane C3H8 3.5 Small
Propene C3H6 2.5 Small
Sulfur hexafluoride SF6 4.3 Small
Xenon Xe 4.8

Small, Large