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LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders

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The quality of SIAD calibration mixtures always at hand

The quality of SIAD calibration mixtures always at hand

Easy to handle and manage: these are the features of LIGHTCYL, the disposable cylinders developed by SIAD for users of certified mixtures and pure gases.
When there is need for small amounts of gas, along with a guarantee of the purity or the precise certification of a mixture, LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders are the right solution.
In fact, LIGHTCYL cylinders meet all needs for the availability of pure gases or certified mixtures, without having the regulatory and safety restrictions and handling problems linked to conventional high pressure cylinders.
All guaranteed by SIAD’s over fifty years of experience in the production of specialty gases.

LIGHTCYL disposable cylinders:

  • are exceptionally light and therefore easy to handle;
  • avoid wasting gas (dosed quantities);
  • do not have problems of handling and use;
  • are not subject to restrictions regarding transport;
  • do not involve additional charges;
  • are not bulky;
  • can also be stored in work areas;
  • are easy to dispose of (following the normal procedure for recyclable municipal waste).
For more information, see the dedicated brochure in the catalogs section.