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High purity and very high purity gases

SIAD has been producing and selling high purity and very high purity gases since the early 1930s, when the first two research laboratories dedicated to these products were created. Some of the processes developed have then become part of the great national chemical industry and have allowed SIAD to have a leading role at national and European level, specializing in the production of high purity gases intended for laboratories and industry.

SIAD prepares and supplies high purity and very high purity gases for analysis and/or research laboratories and for industrial applications that require high quality special gases, with constant characteristics. The fundamental prerequisite that allows to obtain excellent results in the various preparations is methodology, rigorous and improved over the years, the preliminary conditioning of containers and the systematic reproducibility of the preparations over time.

How to determine the degree of purity of a gas? 

The purity of a gas is a parameter that identifies the quantities of impurities (other gases or substances) that the gas contains. The higher the purity, the more the gas is of a higher quality level because it contains other substances in extremely limited percentages.

There are two equivalent ways to indicate the purity of a pure gas:

  • the percentage value, which corresponds to the minimum guaranteed purity value or the total quantity of impurities, identified through the gas analysis;

  • the degree, i.e. a decimal number, which abbreviates the percentage value, where the first digit indicates the number "9" and the second digit coincides with the last digit of the percentage value.










The supply of high purity gases by SIAD indicates the degree and purities available and the corresponding impurities analyzed.

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