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R-508B is a perfluoroethane-based refrigerant gas, for the substitution of R-13 and R-503 in some very low temperature applications at (-40 ° C to -101° C), such as for medical and laboratory use freezers and for environmental chambers. Compared to R-23 it offers the advantage of allowing significantly lower flow temperatures to the compressor, and this, in the case of critical applications, results in greater reliability. It can be used both for new plants and the retrofitting of existing systems.

Very low temperature applications at (-40 ° C to -101° C): medical use freezers and environmental chambers.

  • Advantages
  • Approved by many manufacturers
  • It can increase the lifespan of the installation: in fact allows a flow temperature lower than that of R-23 and therefore extends the life of the compressor
  • It has a higher cooling capacity of over 30% compared to that of R-13
  • Ideal replacement for R-503

Compatible lubricants:
Polyol ester oils (POE)

Classification ASHRAE for safety purposes: A1