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How metal powder is produced?

The most diffused method for metal powder production is atomization, where metal powder is produced by a dispersion of molten material into particles.


Gas atomization

• The molten alloy is forced into a nozzle, and thanks to the pressure of gas, it breaks up into particles of various shapes and sizes, collected in a chamber.

• The powder size is less than 500 microns.

• This method is commonly used for nickel, cobalt-crome and iron alloys (VIGA), but also titanium, aluminium, platinum and others alloys (EIGA).





Plasma atomization

• Metal wires are fed into the apex of multiple plasmas, where they melt and are atomized in a single step.

• The powder size is less than 200 microns.

• This method is mainly used in the case of reactive metals such as titanium and Inconel.