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IBL 3000


Dimensions, simplicity and robust construction combined with superior capacity and high operating pressures are the main distinguishing features of this particular machine. With an overall width of just 400 mm, IBL3000 can easily be moved in confined spaces, especially among production machinery.

This allows the operator to reach closer to the actual place to be cleaned and thus work with shorter pipes, thereby obtaining improved cleaning results.

Hopper capacity

A limited width does not mean a smaller Dry Ice hopper. The IBL3000 machine is designed to contain approximately 25 kg of Dry Ice, guaranteeing more than 30 minutes of operation before needing refilling for the majority of applications. In the event of maintenance, disassembly of the Dry Ice filling hopper takes less than 10 minutes.

Simplicity and robust construction

Operating and moving around in confined spaces also involves the risk of damaging the machine. That's why the design of the IBL3000 proves extremely compact and envisages the positioning of sensitive components at the rear, protected by the handles.

Well-known advantages

IBL3000 is fitted with large flat wheels for practical handling, a 1” coupling for compressed air, FESTO components that are readily available on the market in the event of replacement and a 7-meter flexible hose to choose between light polyurethane or technical rubber.


• Height: 1,110 mm - Width: 400 mm - Depth: 780 mm - Weight: 80 kg

• Dry Ice hopper capacity: 25 kg

• Dry Ice Consumption: between 10 and 30 kg/hour

• Dry ice blasting pressure: between 2 and 12 bar