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+40 21 310 36 58

SIAD in Bulgaria


Filling Station, Depot of technical gases and Head Office Sofia
4, Amsterdam Str
1528, Sofia

Tel. 02/ 978 56 36; 978 95 68
Fax 02/ 978 97 87

Since its establishment, SIAD Bulgaria EOOD has built a distribution network of twenty-three warehouses in the country and an internal transport system for the supply of gases in cylinders to the customer. In 2000 in Sofia was opened a station for filling cylinders with technical gases and multicomponent mixtures. In 2001 SIAD Bulgaria EOOD acquired an installation for production of nitrogen and oxygen in Plovdiv. In 2015 SIAD opened a new filling station for technical gases and multicomponent mixtures in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Since 2002 SIAD Bulgaria EOOD delivers and installs gasifiers for supplying of industrial enterprises. SIAD Bulgaria EOOD offers consultations for the accurate selection of gases and equipment and their proper and safe use, according to the specific technological requirements of the customers. Priority objective of SIAD Bulgaria EOOD is the delivery of products, technologies and services, which meet the current requirements for efficiency, safety and quality.