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+40 21 310 36 58

SIAD in Russia


107031 Moscow 
Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 12/1, 
bldg. 1, floor 3 

Tel: +7 495 7213026 
Fax: +7 495 7213026 

SIAD RUS LLC was organized in Moscow in 2007 to keep pace with the vigorous 10-year market growth and the development of key industries using industrial gases. SIAD has opened a branch in Russia where all its major competitors are present in order to make progress and offer its services in that segment of the market, which recognizes the quality of SIAD products both in gases and in engineering. SIAD RUS and its distributors are in position to provide a wide range of high-quality industrial gases, pure gases and mixtures as well as all gas-related process products, such as: air separation plants, API 618 type piston compressors, conventional compressors (PET), burners, welding cutting and processing technologies, industrial automation systems, and all services associated with them.

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