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Ноябрь 26, 2016
SIAD at Ecomondo
The technological platform for the Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean.
Ноябрь 07, 2016
Treatment of industrial discharges
SIAD gave a report during the conference organized by FAST
Октябрь 25, 2016
The Neapolitan Opera and San Carlo Theatre in Brno
The Friends of Italy Association, the South-Moravian Subsidiary Association in Brno, is holding a lecture and concert titled “The Neapolitan Opera and San Carlo Theatre”
Октябрь 24, 2016
SIAD Bulgaria on MEATMANIA 2016
From 9th to 12th of November 2016, Inter Expo Center - Sofia will host the International Specialized Exhibition MEATMANIA.
Октябрь 17, 2016
The 2016 edition of BergamoScienza has ended
The fourteenth edition of BergamoScienza took place from October 1 to 16, 2016.
Октябрь 10, 2016
Barcolana Classic Trofeo SIAD
The Barcolana Classic Trofeo SIAD regatta has a fascination all of its own.
Сентябрь 26, 2016
Arroweld 2016 Open House
The open house was held at the headquarters in Zanè from 22 to 24 September 2016
Сентябрь 24, 2016
The best-ever edition of RemTech Expo 2016 draws to a close
The balance of this tenth edition of RemTech Expo confirms the central importance of Ferrara in the environmental segment, with the city appearing constantly at the top of the international agenda
Сентябрь 13, 2016
SIAD, sponsor of the AON Challenger Memorial Giorgio Messina tournament
There were more than 24 thousand spectators for the entire week of the tournament in Valletta Cambiaso.
Сентябрь 09, 2016
SIAD acquires Istrabenz Plini in Slovenia
The Bergamo Group’s internationalization process continues