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Газовые смеси

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Gases mixtures

Более 80 лет SIAD работает в области сварки и резки металлов, предлагая широкий ассортимент специальных газов и газовых смесей.

Этот раздел даёт подробный обзор основных газовых смесей, предлагаемых концерном SIAD для обработки металлов:

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STARGAS® is a line of gases and gas mixtures developed by SIAD for the welding and metal cutting sector...
LaserStar is the line of pure gases and gas mixtures dedicated to laser applications and developed by SIAD, in collaboration with the principal operators in the sector...
StarflameTM is a mixture of combustible gases which guarantees the increased productivity obtainable when using acetylene with the commercially low prices
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SIAD industrial gases are provided in gaseous and liquid form through a variety of supply systems, including: