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The laboratory offers its services as an applied research centre specialising in the environmental sector and benefits from its experience of over ten years of studies into the operation of biological depurations plants and the treatment of wastewaters using chemical processes.

Feasibility studies of the processes are conducted through experimentation using pilot plants and their evaluation is supported by chemical and biological tests. In the latter area, in particular, notable experience has been gained with regard to identifying and characterising biomasses (biofilm and suspended) which colonise the biological oxidation tanks of depuration plants, both for removal of the organic substances and the nitrogen rich content.

The laboratory works in close collaboration with Universities and Research Centres on projects dedicated to the study of new processes and technologies which aim to find solutions to environmental problems which are becoming increasingly complex. Experience acquired over the years in the environmental sector makes it an ideal partner for the development of new projects and technologies, with a rigorous commitment to the protection of the environment.


These are the main services: