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Flexigas is a new SIAD service which guarantees gas users the correct amount of gas, based on measurement of the consumption requirements for the various applications.

This innovative service came about, in fact, when a goal was set to combine the extremely high quality of SIAD gases (which has always been appreciated by the various sectors in which they find application), with flexibility in the choice of supply modes so that users can find the delivery mechanism most suited to their own specific production requirements.


The Flexigas service makes the supply of gas to users flexible, guaranteeing them the right quantity required for each specific production process. It can be adopted for different types of gases and mixtures and, consequently, for the most varied fields of application:

  • metal fabrication;
  • food industry;
  • chemical;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • medical.

In metal fabrication there are already several users of the service; among them we must mention not only the operators of the sector, but also the manufacturers of laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting plants, as well as welding robots.

Simplicity and practicality of use

With Flexigas, users can quite simply forget about gas management, putting all their available time and resources into their own core businesses.

This is an “all inclusive” service which, for a comprehensive, monthly fee provides:

  • a quantity of gas for a pre-determined consumption range;
  • transportation;
  • provision of containers;
  • adaptation of the plant;
  • remote reading of parameters;
  • automatic remote ordering;
  • substitution of the container at the point of use;
  • checking and maintenance of the containers undertaken by SIAD personnel.

Delivery through Flexigas is, furthermore, easy to integrate into already existing gas plants and facilitates easy, safe and quick movement, thanks also to the possibility of conducting refilling in situ.

Conformity to technical and safety requirements​​​​​​​

Flexigas guarantees continuous availability of high quality gases with supply characteristics (exit pressure, average flow rate etc) that are adaptable to cater for the needs of the various production processes.

From a safety point of view, the container made of AISI 304 stainless steel which is used, is characterised by:

  • storage pressure less than that used in a bundle of cylinders;
  • a double high pressure safety valve;
  • an integrated stop valve in compliance with ISPESL;
  • TPED certification.