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Scarlet Line

Scarlet Line and telereading

The steady evolution of technology and an ever growing complexity in the organisation of industrial plants has established the need to offer a more and more sophisticated customer/end user service. After in-depth market research and analysis, SIAD has developed "Scarlet Line" and the reading of data at a distance.

The Scarlet Line service, already active for several years, consists of a 24 hr/day telephone hotline at the disposal of users whose production cycles have particular characteristics (continuous 24 hour production cycle, impossibility of stopping, etc.). The objective of Scarlet Line is to respond to any emergency occurring at the customer's plant so that the most opportune and prompt action can be taken to resolve the problem.

The Telereading system receives, by means of probes installed at the customer's plant, its operating parameters thereby freeing the customer of the necessity to check the plant's efficiency and remaining stock levels.