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From today SIAD quality and safety can also be found at SIAD Retail points!

SIAD Retail is the new service that offers, in one single selling point, everything necessary for conducting your business: not only technical gases, but also items and other specific products, selected for various fields of use.

SIAD Retail offers a vast assortment of high-level items: a perfect combination that saves you time while giving the assurance of the quality and experience that has always distinguished the SIAD brand.

Browse the SIAD Retail catalogue.

Inoltre nello SPAZIO OUTLET ogni mese numerosi prodotti a prezzi scontati!

The products and services offered by SIAD Retail cover the most diverse fields of application:

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SIAD Retail outlets
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Welding and metal-cutting
For those working in the welding and cutting sectors, SIAD Retail, thanks also to partnerships with leading companies in the industry...
Food and drinks
SIAD Retail is a reference point for operators in the food sector, offering products dedicated to food preservation...
Research and analysis laboratories
SIAD Retail has high and very high purity gas mixes for the calibration of analysis and research laboratory instrumentation...
Air conditioning and refrigeration
For those working in the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors, SIAD Retail offers a complete line of environmentally-friendly refrigerants...
SIAD Retail offers Wall System 300®, the inert gas fire extinguishing system...
Free time
At SIAD Retail sales outlets you will find balloons of every shape and colour, helium cylinders that are safe and simple to use for inflation...
SIAD Retail Catalogue
Browse the SIAD Retail catalogue.
General Conditions of Sale
Gas supplies from SIAD S.p.A. ("SIAD") and containers made available to customers (cylinders, cylinder packs, etc.) owned by SIAD, are governed by the general conditions of sale...