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Automatic reordering

Forming part of the modular services offered by SIAD Total Gas Management, is the Automated Reordering option which permits the client to outsource administrative operations associated with the management and reordering of the product, ensuring that there is always the correct quantity available for production processes.
This ensures smooth running of the production process without interruptions due to a lack of product as a result of reordering errors or quite simply because placing the order may have been forgotten.
The Automatic Reordering Service is conducted with the use of the SIAD Remote Reading and Remote Control system which is mounted directly on the product back-up supply.
Should certain minimum values - set in agreement with the client - be reached, the monitoring system will generate an alarm call directly to our distribution centre leading to restocking based on a pre-arranged delivery timescale set with the client, and the schedule of SIAD’s logistics department.
The Automated Reordering Service applies both to the consumption of gases in cylinders and to stocks of liquid product in cryogenic tanks.
The delivery mode, for restocking purposes, is based on the production process characteristics at the client’s plant. Delivery frequency will be set based on surveys of the expected consumption of the client (which is continuously monitored to determine increases or reductions in delivery requirements). The client is only asked to signal out of the ordinary situations where there may be variations in consumption which SIAD would be unable to predict.