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Distribution plant maintenance

Choosing Platinum means that you have the most complete range possible of gas management services at your disposal.
Engineers, maintenance technicians and logistics personnel are available to our clients for any kind of assistance they may need on gas centralization and distribution plants.
The Technical Safety and Maintenance Visits for Cryogenic Tanks module provides a series of preventative maintenance services and assistance in the case of breakdown or malfunction.
Our technicians’ experience is put at the disposal of clients to guarantee plant safety at the same time as high levels of efficiency, and a reduced risk of breakdowns.

Plant checks
On each plant maintenance visit a series of checks are conducted from a check list drawn up and based on the characteristics of the plant and the specific needs of the client:
  • check of the gas plant/stock area;
  • check correct operation of the reducers;
  • check correct operation of the valves;
  • check central ramps;
  • check tube and hose sealscalibration of safety valves;
  • check gas plant gaskets whilst under pressure;
  • check gaskets on the supply interrupt valves gas installation.
Maintenance Visits
All ordinary maintenance visits are carried out by specialist technicians well versed in the safety requirements and standards under current regulations.
Visits can be conducted six-monthly, quarterly or at any other periods of frequency requested by the client.
At the end of each visit, the client is given a report listing the checks carried out and the ordinary maintenance operations conducted by the technicians.