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On-site gas cylinder substitution

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On-site gas cylinder substitution

The substitution at the point of use service forms an integral part of the modular services provided within “SIAD Total Gas Management” and falls under the remit of SIAD’s Logistics Department. Our personnel take care of the delicate operations of substituting gas containers for everything from the most common to the most complex gases.
SIAD personnel will take care of the connection of the gas containers to the client’s distribution plant, conducting a series of checks as they do so, for example, to the gaskets and changing them as and when necessary.
All operations performed are carried out adhering strictly to both the safety norms as required by law and to any regulations in-force at the client site itself.
At the end of each on-site substitution visit, the client will be given a substitution record, which will contain all relevant information as to the number and type of operations performed. This is prepared either by the on-site technician or person responsible for issuing such paperwork at SIAD.