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Training courses

The Training and Consultancy section of SIAD Total Gas Management offers training courses on the safe use of gases. Each course is custom designed and developed specifically for the client. Courses are fine tuned based on the theoretical and operational needs, responding with utmost flexibility to diverse training needs.
Apart from an introduction specific to the gases used by the client, all of the courses offered deal with themes linked to safe gas use and to the risks associated with them.

Technical gases and how to handle them safely
The course provides in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of compressed gases and provides you with all the tools necessary for their correct use and safe handling.

Liquid cryogenic gases and fixed containers
The course focuses on the characteristics of and methods in which to use liquid cryogenic gases, as well as associated risks and how to avoid them.

Pure gases, calibration and standard metrological mixtures
Designed for users of pure gases and special gas mixtures, the course emphasises their correct and safe use and includes a review of necessary equipment.

The use of gases in hospitals for staff in a technical role and for medical staff
Primarily directed at technical personnel, the course aims to deepen knowledge on the regulatory, technical and operational aspects linked to the safe use of medical gases in hospitals.

The use of welding gases
The course provides in-depth knowledge for the correct and best use of gases in welding and metal cutting operations. It also pinpoints the best gas mixtures for improving the quality and speed of work at the client site.

Using gases at dedicated, industrial plants
This course deepens technical and operational knowledge linked to using gases in plants, risks associated with them and techniques to avoid the dangers. The course is designed for users of cryogenic gases in water treatment, combustion and inertisation plants.