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STARFLAMETM is a mixture of combustible gases which guarantees the increased productivity obtainable when using acetylene with the commercially low prices usually associated with the distribution of GPL (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). STARFLAMETM helps to obtain a high flame temperature, high calorific potential, complete stability with the absence of toxic elements and a longer life for consumable components.

STARFLAMETM is an excellent product for different industrial applications amongst which:

The manufacturing sectors in which it is used are numerous and varied, amongst which:

STARFLAMETMwhen compared with using propane, offers the following benefits:

  • extremely high flame temperature
  • reduction in ignition times (oxidation)
  • faster cutting speed
  • improved cleanliness of the joins and cut
  • reduction in the oxygen flow rate
  • substitution of existing propane equipment is unnecessary

and when substituting acetylene it offers:

  • greater product stability
  • greater reduction in noxious fumes
  • considerable reduction in the cost of the product
  • larger amounts of product transferred per cylinder of gas used.

Taking care to comply with the latest safety norms related to the use of combustible gases, SIAD designs and produces “turnkey” centralised distribution plants, guaranteeing safety and security in their use for the Client and rationalisation of gas stocks.