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STARGASTM is a line of pure gases and mixtures, developed by SIAD to ensure increased performance and productivity as well as to improve the quality in welding and cutting processes.
Thanks to an experience of over 70 years in welding operations gained through supporting its customers, SIAD is able to select the best STARGASTM solution for each welding process and to help customers make their businesses more efficient and gain a competitive edge.

Technical Properties
Product: pure argon, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, in combinations with one another or mixed with oxygen or hydrogen
Aspect: colourless gas
Odour: odourless gas
Relative density (air = 1): 0.51÷1.529

Technical properties

STARGASTM supply options and services available to SIAD customers include:

  • transport in cylinders, packs of cylinders or tanks
  • design and installation of gas distribution systems
  • supply of equipment for the correct use of the gas
  • assistance and technical consultancy on the transport, distribution and application of the gas.

Supply modes

STARGASTM can cause asphyxia in high concentrations.
To avoid coming to any harm, producers and customers should follow strict safety guidelines for storage and handling, and consult our STARGASTM Material Safety Data Sheet.