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STARGAS® is a line of gases and gas mixtures developed by SIAD for the welding and metal cutting sector, in response to the needs of its own clients who are constantly on the look out for increased performance, productivity and quality of the welded end product. Having consulted with technical experts and research centres, SIAD offers its own clients STARGAS® ideal since it offers numerous benefits and helps to make businesses more efficient and to increase their competitive advantage.

STARGAS® products subdivide into 3 categories:

  • Stargon: argon based mixtures, developed specifically for manual welding
  • Helistar: mixtures with added Helium, for businesses seeking increased productivity and competitiveness and specifically for light alloys and non-ferrous alloys
  • Hydrostar: mixtures with added Hydrogen specifically for welding special metals amongst which, stainless steels.

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Stargas line

Stargas M2A

STARGAS® is SIAD’s response to the demands which come from the following processes:

Stargas M2B

Gases and gas mixtures from the STARGAS® range today already enjoy many areas of application, amongst which: