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Traceable gas mixtures of LAT Centre No. 143

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Traceable gas mixtures of LAT Centre No. 143

The SIAD Research Laboratory was Italy's first LAT accredited metrological Calibration Centre for the preparation of reference gas mixtures. SIAD has achieved this important and ambitious goal thanks to the experience, technical expertise and know-how of its Research Laboratory.

Since 15 December 2001, the date of accreditation of the Metrology Laboratory, SIAD has been able to produce and certify reference calibration gas mixtures which in all respects are Certified Reference Materials. For all critical measurement processes, it is essential to have the traceability to primary measurement samples to ensure accurate and precise measurements. The units of measurement used must be uniquely defined and shared internationally; this allows to properly compare measurements made in different laboratories and at different places and times.

 The Accredia certified mixtures of the LAT Centre are essential for anyone who wants to ensure a correct chain of traceability in their measurements: calibration centres, test laboratories, companies in the environmental and health sector and any system operating under quality assurance.

The mixtures produced and calibrations performed by the SIAD LAT Centre are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) and therefore are internationally recognized.

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