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Specialty, pure and very pure gases, mixtures
Specialty, pure and very pure gases, mixtures

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Specialty, pure and very pure gases, mixtures

In the second half of the 1930s, SIAD research workers began systematic studies of processes for the industrial production of pure hydrogen by electrolysis (of water) and for the purification of ethylene oxide; processes which then became part of the growing Italian chemical industries.

One can trace the birth of the SIAD Specialty gases Laboratory and the production of the first pure gases and the first sample mixtures prepared in Italy, back to those years - which preceded the second World War - and to the SIAD studies. This early work (based on rigorous research and its systematic application to production processes) still constitutes a fundamental aspect of our Company philosophy and has generated with time and experience, reliable techniques and the capacity to rapidly adjust production to demand.

The users of pure gases and reference mixtures have become ever more demanding in terms of quality. Certification - according to ISO standard 9001 - of the Specialty Gases quality system was first obtained by SIAD in June 1994. This certification has gradually been extended to all SIAD production departments and branches.

Furthermore, since 15 December 2001, the SIAD Research Laboratory has become Italy's first and only LAT accredited Calibration Centre for the preparation of gas mixtures (LAT Centre No. 143).


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