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Gas mixtures

SIAD is a leader in the supply of gas mixtures used in the most diverse industrial and research areas. SIAD gas mixtures, prepared from high-purity components, are produced by the Research Laboratories and special gases based on strict quality, safety and precision standards, using the most modern and technologically advanced mixing systems. Thanks to a complex and diversified range of instruments used by its expert and competent personnel, the SIAD Laboratories are able to prepare multiple types of gas mixtures, which can consist of 2 to over 70 components. For complex, new or unusual requests, SIAD studies appropriate solutions through experimentation, joint developments and practical advice. SIAD has prepared so many gas mixtures that have solved its customers’ particular and specific problems. The willingness to carry out this research and the ability to achieve excellent results have become intrinsic features of the company.

The gas mixtures supplied by SIAD are:

  • Calibration mixtures: environmental monitoring, exhaust gas control and burner verification are some of the numerous applications that require the use of gas mixtures for equipment calibration. SIAD supplies a wide range of mixtures aimed at satisfying even the most demanding requirements.

  • Sterilizing mixtures: SIAD supplies ethylene oxide-based gas mixtures used for disposable medical devices sterilization. SIAD is the only manufacturer in Italy of mixtures based on ethylene oxide and is among the largest suppliers in Europe.

  • Express Mixtures: Express are certified calibration mixtures in stock and represent an innovative SIAD supply solution. Thanks to a prompt delivery service, Express Mixtures are in fact available in 3-5 days, excluding transport.

  • Mixtures for industrial applications: such as food industry, electronic industry, diving, metallurgy, SIAD gas mixtures guarantee quality and reliability in many production sectors.