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LAT calibration mixtures
LAT calibration mixtures

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LAT calibration mixtures

Over the last few years, the need for Certified Reference Materials and traceable metrological calibration mixtures is progressively increasing. A clear and documented traceability to the SI Units maintained by National and International Metrological Institutes is increasingly in demand.

Thanks to its experience, technical expertise and elevated know-how, the SIAD Research Laboratory,,obtained the accreditation as LAT Calibration Centre No. 143 since 2001. In accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, LAT Centre No.143 can produce: 

  • gravimetrically calibrated gas mixtures according to ISO 6142 and verified analytically; these are the Accredia traceable mixtures G-CGM and W-CGM.
  • gas mixtures calibrated analytically by comparison with other traceable samples of the Centre in accordance with standard ISO 6143; these are the traceable mixtures A-CGM.

In accordance with ISO GUIDE 34, LAT Centre No. 143 can produce Certified Reference Gas Materials (CRM). These are gas mixtures produced gravimetrically and analyzed for which the Centre can ensure and declare on the certificate the stability. This warranty is based on stability studies that the LAT Centre has been conducting since 2004.

In addition, the LAT Centre is accredited according to ISO 17025 for calibrating equipment for analytical measurements, gas chromatographs and analyzers. Reference gas mixtures are used as calibration samples and the related calibration procedure is performed according to the international standard ISO 6143. The attribute that distinguishes the calibrations of LAT Centre No. 143 is the measurement traceability of the certified values, which allows:

  • improving the quality of the measurement systems and hence the increase of the quality of the end product;
  • alignment of the measurement systems with international standards which results in increasingly more accurate measurements;
  • international recognition of the results of the measurement process: the certificates issued by the LAT Centre are recognized and accepted internationally thanks to mutual recognition agreements made by Accredia. This means a competitive advantage when dealing in global markets;
  • international recognition of the calibrations performed enables to effectively compare the measurements with those of other laboratories.

The Centre can produce traceable mixtures that can be used in the environmental field:

  • for monitoring gas emissions into the atmosphere;
  • for controlling the quality of the air and of working environments;
  • for monitoring industrial emissions;
  • for controlling the emissions of vehicles and engines.

Additionally, the Centre can produce mixtures:

  • with a methane matrix, reproducing the composition of natural gas;
  • containing sulfur compounds and and natural gas odorants;
  • for controlling refinery gases;
  • containing ethyl alcohol for calibrating alcohol testers;
  • for controlling the water concentrations in gases.

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Accreditation tables
SIAD's LAT Centre No. 143, obtained an extension of its accreditation tables by Accredia last September. This new milestone allows the Centre to produce new reference and metrologically traceable gas mixtures.
Further reading
Below are some SIAD and LAT Centre publications on traceable metrological mixtures and instrumental calibration are collected.
Reference standards
The Quality Manual,the procedures and operating instructions of LAT Calibration Centre No. 143 have been drawn up in accordance with the following set of standards