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LAT calibration mixtures

LAT calibration mixtures

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LAT Mixtures

The Accredited Calibration Laboratory, LAT Center No. 143, was founded in 2001 by the SIAD Research Laboratory and by its experience and ten-year competence in the preparation and analysis of reference metrological mixtures. The Accredia certified mixtures of the LAT Center are essential for guaranteeing a correct traceability chain within their measurements to: calibration centers, test laboratories, companies in the environmental and health sector and any system operating under a quality assurance system. Accredia is the only national body authorized by the State to carry out accreditation activities and the results of measurements and calibrations carried out by an accredited laboratory are internationally recognized, thanks to the mutual recognition agreements stipulated between the accreditation bodies. The LAT mixtures produced and the calibrations carried out by the SIAD LAT Center refer to the samples of the International System of Units (IS) and therefore have an international value. Furthermore, the Laboratory is accredited as Reference Materials Producer RMP No. 143. The LAT Center and the RMP Producer are the result of the evolution and improvement of the SIAD procedures followed to prepare the calibration mixtures.

The LAT SIAD Center is accredited for the following standards:

  • UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 for gravimetric and analytical calibration of gas mixtures and analytical measurement equipment (since 2001).

  • UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17034 for the production of certified reference materials (since 2005).

Thanks to these accreditations SIAD can produce:

  • Gaseous mixtures calibrated gravimetrically according to ISO 6142-1 and verified analytically; these are the Accredia G-CGM and W-CGM reference mixtures.

  • Analytically calibrated gas mixtures by comparison with other reference samples of the Center and of the Producer according to ISO 6143; these are the A-CGM reference mixtures.

  • Gravimetrically certified reference materials (C-CRM) according to ISO 6142-1 with certified stability guarantee of the mixture supplied.

The manufacturer can guarantee and declare the stability of these mixtures on the certificate. This guarantee is based on the stability studies that the RMP Producer has carried out since the laboratory’s setup and systematically since 2004. Reference LAT mixtures are used as calibration samples and the calibration procedure is performed according to the reference standard ISO 6143.

The Center and the Producer can produce reference LAT mixtures that can be used in the environmental field:

  • for monitoring gaseous emissions into the atmosphere;

  • for controlling air quality and work environments;

  • for monitoring industrial emissions;

  • for controlling vehicle and combustion engine emissions.

Furthermore, the Center and the Producer can produce reference metrological mixtures and certified reference materials:

  • with methane matrix, reproducing the composition of natural gas;

  • containing sulfur compounds and natural gas odorizers;

  • for refinery gases control;

  • containing ethyl alcohol for the calibration of breathalysers;

  • for controlling water concentrations in gases.