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Accreditation tables

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Accreditation tables

SIAD's LAT Centre No. 143, obtained an extension of its accreditation tables by Accredia last September. This new milestone allows the Centre to produce new reference and metrologically traceable gas mixtures.

In particular:

  • the fields of concentration of the components already accredited have been expanded; several new analytes have been added: sulfur compounds, hydrocarbons, ethyl alcohol, water;
  • the Centre can now produce metrologically traceable gas mixtures with hydrocarbons to reproduce natural gas, with sulfur compounds to reproduce the concentration of natural gas odorants, with ethyl alcohol to calibrate breath analysers and with water to calibrate instruments for checking the levels of moisture in gases. For gas mixtures containing methane and other hydrocarbons, it is possible to request the calculation of their calorific value according to EN ISO 6976:2008.

The extension of the accreditation has also involved the calibration of analytical equipment: new detectors and analytes have been added. Some of the innovations include gas chromatographs with FID detector for hydrocarbons, TCD and PDD for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, SCD and AED for sulfur compounds; and IR cell analyzers for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, UV cell for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, chemiluminescence for nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide, paramagnetic for oxygen and cooled mirror cell for humidity.

In the new accreditation table below the new products of LAT Centre can be distinguish:

  • certified reference materials (CRM);
  • gravimetrically calibrated and analytically verified gas mixtures (G-CGM) and analytically calibrated mixtures (A-CGM) that are metrologically traceable;
  • gravimetrically calibrated and analytically tested working mixtures (W-CGM);
  • calibration of equipment for analytical measurement both at the Centre and at the Customer's laboratory.

The uncertainty stated in the Accreditation table is the minimum that can be certified by the LAT Centre.

CRM Gas reference materials

Gas mixtures with the gravimetric method G-CGM

Gas mixtures with the analytical method A-CGM
W-CGM working mixtures

Analytic measurement equipment