Managing the SIAD cylinder pool header

Managing the SIAD cylinder pool

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Managing the SIAD cylinder pool

Residual pressure valve
Already used for medicinal and food gases, the use of a residual pressure valve has recently been extended by SIAD to the entire range of gaseous products, in order to further improve the quality of the gas supplied and the safety conditions in the handling of containers.
It is in fact a device applied to the cylinder, which prevents the escape of gas to below the minimum pressure of between 1 and 4 bar, thus avoiding the risk of contamination by pollutants.

Containers with a capacity of 50 l
Replacing the traditional 40 l cylinders, these containers contain 20% more product, in a slightly larger size.
With this 50 l size it is therefore possible to optimize the number of containers stored by the user, the overall dimensions required for storage and above all, the number of exchange cylinders required in the course of application processes.

Bar Code tracking system
This system allows you to rigorously and punctually monitor the handling of each container in the SIAD cylinder pool.
Supported by an integrated software and hardware platform, the Bar Code enables you to determine, at any time, where each container is located, with the ability to promptly alert the user of any management anomalies, such as deadlines in terms of testing or excessively long storage periods.
In turn, the user can monitor each of the loaded cylinders thanks to the serial number on the respective transport document, which uniquely identifies each container.